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Physio and patientsPhysiotherapists play a vital role in getting you back on your feet after surgery.  Some interventions may start before surgery for patients who have a known lung disease and may include treatment, education and advice on chest clearance techniques and optimisation of lung function.

Early postoperative physiotherapy concentrates on maximising your lung function.  Even when everything goes well, surgery and anaesthesia make your lungs less efficient and this can put you at risk of chest infections or other repsiratory disorders. Whilst preventing respiratory problems after surgery is the immediate focus, physiotherpay care will quickly progress to rehabilitation including encouraging mobility and getting back to your normal activities of daily living. Temporary or permanent issue of mobility aids can be organised if needed.

Patients with severe disability following surgery, or a prolonged period in hospital, may require a range of physiotherapy treatments. The physiotherapists work as an integral part of the multidisciplinary team, and will take a lead in discharge planning and rehabilitation of this group of patients.

Incentive Spirometery Leaflet

Patient Information Leaflets: Physiotherapy