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What is Perioperative Medicine?

Perioperative Medicine is a new specialty created by the Royal College of Anaesthetists who describe the processes by which clinical teams can improve postoperative outcomes, improve efficiency and optimise a patient’s experience of the surgical journey.  Perioperative Medicine involves building teams of healthcare professionals, many of whom may already be in place within the hospital and community.  The varied expertise of these teams is used to work collaboratively towards improving patient outcomes.

Approximately 12 million operations occur in the UK every year, costing the NHS over £16 billion. It is vital that we do everything we can to deliver an effective and efficient service. Realising that each patient is an individual with different healthcare requirements and social needs is a core component of Perioperative Medicine.  We aim to ensure that every decision about surgery is taken with the patient and not for the patient.  We apply principles of Enhanced Recovery after surgery and utilise the depth of expertise amongst our primary and secondary care colleagues to provide long-term medical condition management. We ensure absolute attention to detail at every step on the perioperative journey and offer our patients high quality care to help them recover from their surgery.