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Meet the team

The Perioperative Medicine Team

We are a team of Consultant Anaesthetists and Specialist Nurses. Anaesthetists are specially trained doctors with a range of roles includi the preoperative preparation of surgical patient, the resuscitation and stabilisation of patients in the Emergency Department, actute pain management, intensive care medicine and the provision of sedation and anaesthesia for patients undergoing surgical procedures. 

Katie Ayyash

Dr Katie Ayyash: Consultant Anaesthetist

Dr Ayyash has been a Consultant Anaesthetist at York Teaching Hospital since April 2017 and is the Clinical Lead for the Perioperative Medicine Service. She has completed her Master's Degree in Perioperative medicine at University College London. Her other clinical work involves running a pre-assessment clinic, anaesthesia for major general and vascular surgery and regional anaesthesia.

She has participated in a number of National and Regional clinical research projects and her current research interest is in the correlation of nutritional scoring systems with outcomes in patients undergoing major vascular surgery. She is avidly involved in teaching and organisation of courses for the Fellowship of the Royal College of Anaesthesia exam and is a year one clinical tutor for the Hull York Medical School.

Dr Yates

Dr David Yates: Consultant Anaesthetist

Dr Yates has been a Consultant in Anaesthesia and Critical Care Medicine at York Teaching Hospital since August 2008. His clinical work involves running a pre-assessment clinic, anaesthesia for major general and vascular surgery and intensive care medicine. Current interests include the identification and management of the high-risk surgical patient, intensive care and prehabilitation of surgical patients.

Dr Yates is the Anaesthesia, Perioperative Medicine and Pain Specialty Lead for the Yorkshire and Humber Clinical Research Network and his research interests include measuring outcomes after major surgery, improving patient fitness prior to surgery and the use of cardiopulmonary exercise testing for risk stratification.

Dr Davies

Dr Simon Davies: Consultant Anaesthetist

Dr Davies has been a Consultant in anaesthesia and perioperative care at York Teaching Hospital since 2010. His main clinical work includes working in a busy pre-operative assessment clinic with a strong emphasis on cardiopulmonary exercising testing for pre-operative risk assessment, and provides anaesthesia for major general and vascular surgery.

Having completed his postgraduate doctorate, his maintains a strong clinical research interest. Current research interests include haemodynamic optimisation of high-risk fractured neck of femurs, protocolisation of post-operative therapy, validity of non-invasive haemodynamic monitoring, the measurement of postoperative outcomes, cardiopulmonary exercise testing (CPET) and the role of biomarkers in predicting perioperative risk.

Dr Stone

Dr Michael Stone: Consultant Anaesthetist

Dr Stone started as a consultant at York in September 2003 and has a specialist interest in the perioperative care of high risk elective patients.  

'As Anaesthetists we are in an ideal position to take an overview of the whole perioperative pathway, and this will further improve outcomes for our high risk elective patients.’

Dr Walkington

Dr James Walkington: Consultant Anaesthetist

Dr Walkington has been a Consultant Anaesthetist at York Teaching Hospital since February 2014. His primary clinical work includes major general and vascular anaesthesia, including patient risk stratification based on cardiopulmonary exercise testing results.

He is a year one clinical tutor for the Hull York Medical School, York anaesthetic Foundation Trainee coordinator and a faculty member on national simulation courses.

Dr Redman

Dr Jonathan Redman: Consultant Anaesthetist

Dr Redman has been a Consultant in Anaesthesia and Critical Care Medicine at York Teaching Hospital since 2003.  He was Lead Clinician for Critical Care from 2012-2014. He had special interests in high risk surgical patients, patient safety and bariatric surgery and is currently a committee member for the SOBA Society of Bariatric Anaesthesia.

Dr Knock

Dr James Knock: Consultant Anaesthetist

Dr Knock is the most recent addition to the team having joined in October 2017. His clinical work includes providing anaesthesia for major colorectal and vascular surgery, and he is looking forward to developing his skills in Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing.  Current research interests include glycaemic control in the perioperative period, and the association between frailty and perioperative outcomes.  He is currently undertaking a Master’s degree in Perioperative Medicine at University College London.


Zoe Murphy: Perioperative Specialist Nurse

Zoe has worked for the NHS for over 18 years and qualified as a Registered Nurse in 2010. Zoe worked in clinical research for 5 years prior to joining the Perioperative Medicine Team in 2017. Zoe continues to support research activity within this role and has a clinical interest in identifying and optimising care for the deteriorating patient.


Andy Scott: Perioperative Specialist Nurse

Andy qualified as a nurse in 2008 and was a Deputy Charge Nurse in Critical Care until he joined the Perioperative Medicine Team in 2019. He has a BSc in Critical Care and is looking forward to furthering his education in this post. Andy is very keen to set up a prehabilitation clinic in the coming months.