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Coming into hospital

AdmissionsIn York Teaching Hospital the Theatres admission unit is located on ward 27 which is on the second floor at junction eight. Day surgery is located at the day surgery admissions unit on the first floor junction 5.

You will be provided with a letter that provides clear instructions regarding coming into surgery. Please make sure you read this and follow any instructions which may include calling on the morning of surgery to confirm there is a bed available for you.

The admissions unit is for patients coming in to have surgical procedures. Please report to reception when you arrive for surgery. You will be greeted by the nursing staff and seen by both the Surgeon and Consultant Anaesthetist.

Prior to going to theatre, you will be asked to change into a hospital gown and put on a dressing gown and slippers if you have brought these with you. You will be measured for socks that help prevent thrombosis. You will have your blood pressure, temperature, heart rate and oxygen levels recorded. You will have your weight and height measured if this was not done at preassessment.

You may then be asked to wait as a number of people will be having surgery and there may be varying start times. You may bring a book or something to read with you.

On the day of surgery please follow the advice given to you on how long you should not eat or drink. For surgery performed under general anaesthesia you are normally asked not to eat for 6 hours before surgery. You can, and should, drink clear fluids (i.e water) until two hours before your anaesthetic. This will be clarified further in your surgical letter or by the preassessment nurses.

For further information on coming into hospital please see the York Teaching Hospital website.

What you need to know when coming into hospital for surgery leaflet

What to bring into hospital:

  • A dressing gown
  • A pair of slippers
  • Books/magazines
  • A mobile phone
  • Mobility aids
  • Medications
  • Hearing aids
  • Glasses or contact lenses
  • Contact numbers of your relatives/transport home
  • A small amount of money
  • A zipped overnight bag including toiletries and night clothes.
  • CPAP machine: if you use one at home).
  • A loved one or carer: you may bring someone with you but once you are booked in they will be asked to leave, the exception being a Carer.

What not to bring into hospital:

  • Jewellery and body piercings (You may keep your wedding ring on and we will put tape around it. If you are unable to remove any piercings please tell a nurse on arrival)
  • Valuables
  • Large amounts of money