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Meet the team

The Ward Nursing Team

Ward team eThe ward nursing team is made up of the following people:

Matrons  A nurse manager who has oversight and responsibility for of a number of wards  Dark Navy Uniform with red trim 
Ward Managers A senior nurse who is in charge of a ward area. Solid Navy Uniform
Ward Sisters, Junior Sisters, Shift Leaders, Charge Nurses A senior nurse who is co-ordinating a ward area. Solid Navy Uniform
Registered Nurses Nurse working on the ward that are allocated to daily patient care. Blue striped Uniform.
Student Nurses Nurses in training that are involved in a wide variety of patient care. Various
Health Care Assistants Staff that assist registered nurses and perform a variety of important tasks such as undertaking clinical observations. Grey stripped uniform.
Specialist Nurses There are a variety of specialist nurses in the hospital working in different disciplines including oncology, pain, diabetes etc. Purple uniform.
Critical Care Outreach Specially trained nurses that assess patients who are unwell. Solid navy uniform.
Ward Clerk (administrative) Performs a number of administrative duties on the ward including preparation of clinical notes and answering telephone calls. No uniform.
Housekeeping and domestic assistants (domestic services) Hospital staff that make your environment clean and safe. Green Uniform.


Ward Numbers:

Ward 11:         01904 726011

Ward 14:         01904 726014

Ward 15:         01904 726015

Ward 16:         01904 726016

Ward 28:         01904 726028

Ward 29:         01904 726029

Ward G1:         01904 726001

ICU/HDU:         01904 726040

Switchboard:  01904 631313

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