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Intensive Care, Anaesthetic and Perioperative Research Team

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The Anaesthetics Research Team was established in 2009. It has two Research Nurses (Danielle Wilcock, Kate Howard) and a Clinical Trials Assistant (Greg Forshaw). The team is led by the Lead Research Nurse Co-ordinator (Hilary Campbell) and clinical support is provided by Consultant Anaesthetists..

Research plays a key role in improving clinical care. By undertaking various research projects looking into different aspects of perioperative medicine and critical illness, we hope to improve the outcomes for patients undergoing surgery and staying on ICU in the future.

Philosophy of Research Team

  • We work as a multidisciplinary team and aim to improve the health of patients through conducting high quality research.
  • We aim to give patients sufficient information about research in a clear manner to enable them to make informed choices about their care.
  • We respect patients’ rights to confidentiality, privacy and dignity within their right to be looked after in a safe and caring environment.
  • We strive to work within the Trust Values at all times

How Patients are involved in Research

Patients who are due to attend preassessment and the cardiopulmonary exercise testing clinic are screened for their eligibility against a set criteria. Once identified as eligible patients may be approached with information leaflets either via post or in person. The information leaflets provide details of the study and what is involved for participants. Patients may then be followed up with a phone call to see if they are interested in taking part before consenting to the study.

As part of the patient pathway when attending preasssessment clinic patients may be allocated a programmed time slot with a research nurse to discuss the research studies available. If patients have previously been contacted via post or telephone this appointment may be used to take consent and begin completion of study documents.

We currently run various clinical trials which consist of a combination of interventional and observational studies.

Current Studies relevant to Perioperative Medicine

PRISM - A clinical trial of continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) to improve lung function for patients who have abdominal surgery. For more information click here.

PROBESE - This is a study looking at the best way to ventilate patients during surgery who are overweight and need an operation and a general anaesthetic. For more information click here.

Perioperative Quality Improvement Programme - Our aim is to improve the care and treatment of patients undergoing major surgery in the United Kingdom. We do this by collecting and studying information about you, your surgery, and then your recovery afterwards. For more information click here


Danielle Wilcock or Kate Howard on 01904 721828 or email:

Danielle Wilcock & Kate Howard

York and Scarborough Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
Research and Developement
Wigginton Road
YO31 8HE

Tel:  01904 721828


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