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Preoperative assessment

BP CuffBefore surgery we need to find out about your general health. Sometimes this is done through a questionnaire, You may be sent an appointment for a preoperative assessment clinic where you will be seen by a registered nurse and possibly an anaesthetist.

If you are invited for a preoperative assessment appointment the letter will detail what you need to do. Please remember to bring with you either your mediciations you are taking or your repeat prescription. During or after this clinic further tests may be arranged for example blood tests, x-rays or tracings of your heart. We will record your height and weight. You can ask questions and discuss any worries you may have during this clinic.

During your preoperative assessment clinic we will discuss your health and possible changes you can make to reduce your risk of post-operative complications. To read more about your health before surgery please click here.

CPET Room a

Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing

Patients having major surgery and who are over the age of 55 or who have a certain medical conditions will be invited to undertake a cardiopulmonary exercise test. In this clinic, you will be asked to ride an exercise bike for approximately 10-15minutes. You will wear a face mask that will allow the Anaesthetist to assess your body’s response to stress. This helps the clinician to evaluate any potential risks and plan your surgical pathway. All of this will be discussed further with you when you attend the clinic.