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The York Model

York Teaching Hospital Perioperative Pathways

Document                                     Description 

Pathway Document

Full pathway document completed for each patient, includes preassessment risk and post-operative audit data.

Enhanced Protocol

Post-operative haemodynamic optimisation protocol for medium and high risk patients. Requires advanced cardiac monitoring with stroke volume monitoring and arterial blood gases. Locally used only in our nurse enahnced unit or high dependancy ward.

Standard Protocol

Post-operative haemodynamic optimisation protocol for low risk patients. Standard ward level care.

Observation Chart

Observation chart used on the nurse enhanced unit or high dependancy unit when a patient is on the enhanced protocol.

Nursing Manual

Manual created for nursing staff to aid with protocol procedures on the nurse enhanced unit/ward. Thsi includes protocols for arterial line sampling and care, meteraminol infusions and expected competencies.

Passive leg raise

Quick guide on performing a passive leg raise to assess fluid responsiveness.


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