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The York Model

York Perioperative Medicine Service: Our Aims

  • Improve surgical outcomes and reduce complication rates.
  • Ensure co-ordinated care throughout the surgical journey.
  • Triage patients to an appropriate post-operative location and improve patient flow.
  • To implement and develop protocolised pathways that ensure patients recieved the care they require in a timely and safe manner.
  • Continuously improve the patient experience of our surgical pathway.

Cardiac Monitoring 3

York Teaching Hospital: Our Shared Commitment

Our ultimate objective is to be trusted to deliver safe, effective healthcare to our community.

Our values, drivers and motivators are:

  • Caring about what we do
  • Respecting and valuing each other
  • Listening in order to improve
  • Always doing what we can to be helpful

Supporting each other by

  • Working in partnership and responding to local needs
  • Respecting differences and building on similarities
  • Empowering people to be involved in decisions about how we provide care
  • Encouraging others to behave respectfully in line with our values


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