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The York Model

What we did

We introduced a Perioperative Medicine Team consisting of Consultant Anaesthetists and Specialist Nurses, supported by the wider multi-disciplinary team including Physiotherapists and Dietitians.

The Perioperative Medicine team was responsible for:

  • Implementation and oversight of new perioperative pathways including enhanced risk assessment and appropriate referral to allied health professionals earlier in the patients journey.
  • Daily ward rounds allowing for a comprehensive 'critical care style' review.
  • Providing support and training.
  • Introducing advanced cardiac monitoring onto the surgical ward alongside haemodynamic optimisation protocols.

Our nurse-led post-operative haemodynamic optimisation protocols:

  • Aim to improve standards of care by ensuring patients are triaged to the correct post-operative locations.
  • Enable nurses to initiate appropriate treatments and interventions.
  • Provide a clear escalation plans for patients requiring higher levels of care.

Perioperative Medicine Cogs

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